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Until our mission is accomplished we will always stand on what we believe. We don't fight madness with madness. We fight for something good by doing what we believe to be good.

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We rescue hundreds of cats and dogs who have been dumped, abused, neglected, or simply rejected by humans. Keep in mind that we are not a shelter and heavily rely on the kind efforts of our volunteers and on individual financial and aid contributions.

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Population Control

Spaying and neutering (fixing/desexing) is not cruel. These procedures are now the only way we can reduce overpopulation of stray animals and keep away the risk of unwanted newborns. Spaying and Neutering are safe medical operations performed by veterinarians.

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All animals that stay at our temporary sanctuary deserve new forever homes and families. They have been vaccinated, spayed/neutered, and socialized and are waiting with beaming smiles and loving eyes. However, we do have strict adoption procedures to make sure they are the best buddies for you and your lifestyle.

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Education is one of the best way we can share our mission with society. Watching children as they realize that dogs and cats can be loving and fun companions rather than the fearful terrors their environment has told them, is a true way to change the future for animals in our community. We are open to give education and action about how human can give better appreciation to the environment.

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