♥ The most loving and courageous dog you'll ever meet. / Anjing paling manis & berani Anda pernah akan ketemu.

Status Rest In Peace
Age / Birth (*estimated)
With AFJ sinceJune 2013
NeuteredNot yet

Medical Note and Consideration

Back legs are paralyzed - need special care and treatment


In June 2013, a girl on a moped hit Buster. she fell off but thankfully was ok, Buster on the other hand was not. Paralyzed from the waist down, Buster crawled away and hid but luckily the next day a kind neighbor heard his cries and found him shivering from cold and pain in some bushes. Other friends helped take buster to a clinic for treatment and xrays but they diagnosed that he probably wouldn't walk again. The vet bills started to build up and AFJ helped promote Buster's cause to get some public funding from their caring facebook followers to help pay the bills and some therapy from AFJ's therapy friend Ari and took over the day to day care after he left hospital. The owner was eventually found but he only wanted to sell Buster once he realized Buster was paralyzed so AFJ decided to help and care for Buster until an adopter could be found. With the help of his savour Adhit, who comes to help out regularly, Buster is now on the mend. We are still waiting for his wheel chair but til then he's active and running around on his strong front legs playing with the cats at his new AFJ home. He needs to wear doggy pampers as he can't control his bodily functions, but he loves cats and other dogs and once he trusts someone, he remembers and greets them with so much love. He's a brave and loving dog waiting for a new family.. Adopt Buster now and learn about real courage and love ! Read more here: https://www.facebook.com/notes/adhitya-harnanta-putri/please-read-this-if-you-have-time-please-help-because-you-know-you-can-tolong-ba/10151534742854751 Buster adalah anjing yang ditabrak pada hari Sabtu 22 Juni 2013, Si penabrak (cewek bermotor matic) terjatuh setelah menabrak sedangkan Buster terpental dan tidak ditolong. Buster (nekat) berlari menahan sakit dan bersembunyi. Keesokan paginya, salah satu tetanggaku, Pak Imam, kasihan mendengar suara dengkingan Bastar dan mencarinya.... Ingin tahu apa yang terjadi?? silahkan membaca lebih lanjut di link atas ini.. Buster adalah anjing berani yang berjuang atas luka yang melumpuhkan dia namun tidak menjatuhkan dia. Buster maniiisss dan penyaaayyyaaanng dan akan menginspirasikan siapapun yang ketemu dia. Jutaan untungan akan menimpah siapapun yang akan adopsi dia atau sponsori dia.. ketemu sekali.. jatu cinta sepanjang umur.. Berani??