Red Dog

♥ Rumpus Red Dog makes a perfect running partner!

Status Adopted
Age / Birth (*estimated)sekitar 1 tahun
With AFJ since18 December 2014

Medical Note and Consideration

everything's fine :)


Yay, Red Dog's foster parents decided to adopt Red Dog and he is now known as Chester! Bye bye Chester and we know you will have lots of fun and love in your new forever home. Along with 8 other dogs (8 Golden Retriever dogs), Rumpus Red Dog was rescued from a parking lot of a supermarket where these innocent dogs were kept in very horrible condition after being taken away illegally from their home to be used as collateral. Most dogs suffered from malnutrition, dehydration, ear infection, malignant tumor, maggot-filled open wounds and severe skin issues. Some have recovered completely, several others are still under treatment and are in recovery process. Red Dog a.k.a. RedD (read; ready) was the healthiest one with no health problem. Red Dog is a kind of Red Kelpie dog (just like the dog in an Australian famous movie called Red Dog, here's the link about the original Red Dog: who loves roaming just like Red Dog in the film.. Needs a big fenced yard and lots of playtime. ==== Red Dog adalah anjing sejenis Red Kelpie seperti di film Austrlalia berjudul Red Dog. Dia salah satu dari 11 anjing yang disita dari pemilik dan disalah rawat oleh penyita sehingga akhirnya direscue oleh AFJ. Baca kisah rescue Red Dog disini: Jika Anda ingin anjing yang sangat pintar, suka lari dan main.. Red Dog adalah anjing buat anda... Lihat informasi mengenai legenda Red Dog disini :