♥ Suffering with tumors, Kuncung was saved from the needle by AFJ.

Status Adopted
Age / Birth (*estimated)6 Years Old (as at Feb 2014)
With AFJ since2009

Medical Note and Consideration

everything's fine :)


After a request from his owner to euthanase Kucung because of a serious skin condition with tumors all over his body, the vet felt that he still could be cured but the owner just wanted to get rid of the problem. Thankfully the vet called AFJ and Kucung was saved from the needle. Though he's lost the use of an eye due to his illness, he is now tumor free and living the good life at the cat sanctuary awaiting adoption. Now AFJ have decided to keep him on as a permanent resident and adopted him... Welcome to the AFJ family.. this is your forever home now..