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Status Ready for Adoption
Age / Birth (*estimated)April 2012
With AFJ since21st August 2012

Medical Note and Consideration

His right front leg is slightly bended, it could be a result of an untreated hard landing trauma. He doesn't seem to fee


It was like a bad dream, trapped in AC ducting pipe at the mall. Not fancy at all! She got dusty, scared, cried for help all day long. Hoping Santa-the chimney master of the North Pole would come down and save her with his "Ho-ho-ho!". Nobody listened, except that special girl he's never met. Thanks to the girl's sharp ears & caring heart, Chimney doesn't end up dusty dead in the pipe. He was at first scared of people & open space, disappearing mysteriously was his past time skill that created a panic moment for us frequently. He still does that sometimes, but once you call his name, he'd make his graceful appearance and approach you. Now, Chimney's a gentle pretty boy, he'd even let kittens snuggle on him. He's not a fighter, but if any fellow cats cop an attitude with him, he'd just briefly state his mind, then walk away. He's kindhearted, playful, good other cats & not scared of dogs, good with kids, likes to sleep next to you at night, but don't be tricked, he IS a skilled hunter (of small reptiles including...snake!). His sweet face is so sweet he's often disguised as a girl :D His name's Chimney. Fancy his pretty face and graceful walk, then you're the perfect fit for him.

Teks Bahasa:
Chimney terperangkap di saluran AC Mal Malioboro. Untung saja ada seseorang yang mendengar tangisannya sehingga Chimney bisa diselamatkan. Chimney si jantan imut nan baik hati ini sepertinya bercita-cita menjadi Ninja kocak yang tak mudah ditebak; antara ngumpet-nongol-manja-main, ngumpet lagi-nongol lagi-manja lagi-main lagi! Chimney selalu bisa menjadi kakak yang baik bagi adik-adik kecil, maupun teman yang bersahabat & cinta damai bagi kucing lainnya. Tidur di sampingmu saat malam terasa dingin juga disukai Chimney. Tapi jangan terkecoh oleh keimutannya, dia sebenarnya pemburu ulung (untuk satwa reptil kecil termasuk...ular!). Wajah dan sifat cantiknya membuat Chimney sering dikira kucing betina :D
Namanya Chimney. Kalau kamu suka wajah yang cantik dan langkah gemulai, kamu pasti cocok untuknya.