♥ The Rebel Grrl from the Well

Status Ready for Adoption
Age / Birth (*estimated)2012 - Mid Year
With AFJ since23rd December 2012

Medical Note and Consideration

Pay attention to clean her left eye frequently with sterile ophthalmic irrigating solution. She's prone to recurrent con


She thought she was playing parkour with her friends, but landed on the wrong spot. The material she stepped on crashed & she had a free fall into a deep dark well!! After spending hopeless hours in that death trap, finally our rescue effort with limited tools was successful at 2 am! Gustavia doesn't care much for large crowds. She much prefers intimate settings, and prefers to be around people especially when we have food on hand. She's OK with other cats, but she definitely likes her personal space (and will be a little pushy if other felines are standing in it!). Her bad habit is to tease unfriendly dog from afar, and she enjoys it a lot. This could become an alarming situation, so living with cat-friendly dogs are safer for Gustavia & more comfortable for our ears. Gustavia is the kind of cat who likes to be petted on her own terms; slightly looks mysterious, she probably won't become a lap cat. When she's in the right mood, she approaches her caregivers for attention. The all night ‘jacuzzi’ service she experienced was not fun, we believe your warm home are a lot better :)

Teks Bahasa:
Berjam-jam Gustavia bertahan di lubang gelap, terbenam air hingga ke leher. Tutup sumur yang diinjaknya hancur berantakan dan Gustavia terjun bebas ke dalam sumur. Setelah 4 jam usaha penyelamatan tengah malam dengan alat seadanya, jam 2 pagi Gustavia berhasil diselamatkan. Ajaib, dia tetap sehat & badung! Gustavia tidak terlalu tertarik dengan berkumpul bersama banyak kucing lain, lebih menikmati berdekatan dengan manusia, apalagi kalau ada banyak makanan. Dia OK dengan kucing lain yang bisa menghargai ruang personalnya. Hobi jeleknya adalah suka menggoda dari kejauhan anjing yang tidak bersahabat dengan kucing, dan dia bisa berlama-lama melakukannya. Jadi, tinggal bersama anjing yang bersahabat dengan kucing akan lebih aman bagi Gustavia dan lebih nyaman untuk telinga kita, hehehe! Gustavia kucing yang suka disayang dengan caranya sendiri; dengan tampangnya yang sedikit misterius, Gustavia bukan jenis kucing yang menikmati berada di pangkuan manusia. Saat moodnya pas, biasanya Gustavia akan mendekat & minta disayang. Layanan 'jacuzzi' semalaman yang dialaminya tentu bukan pengalaman yang asyik, rumah kamu yang hangat tentulah lebih asyik untuk Gustavia.