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Every year, dozens of dogs and cats are rescued from abuse and abandonment by AFJ volunteers. With limited financial resources, AFJ endeavours to increase quality of life for these rescued animals until the time when they find a new loving family and forever home. However, as a non-profit organization with only limited funding, we understand the enormous responsibility of having to provide for the care and needs of these rescued animals.   One way that AFJ has overcome this challenge is the AFJ Animal Sponsorship Program.

With this program, we hope that both animal lovers and the general will take an active role in helping AFJs vision and mission by sponsoring the animals at the AFJ sanctuary.  As a sponsor, the funds donated each month will be used for medical treatment, medicines, and the daily needs of the rescued animals. Many people would love to have a four-legged companion in their homes or would like to make a practical contribution to the lives of the AFJ rescue animals but for various reasons this isn’t possible.  AFJ’s Animal Sponsorship Program is the solution. By sponsoring an animal through AFJ’s Animal Sponsorship Program, you are committing to routinely finance the lives of the animals at AFJ’s sanctuary.  In particular, for those who live in Jogja and surrounding areas, you can also be involved in the everyday care of the animal you choose to sponsor.  This program is a great option for those who want a four-legged companion but is not able to care for an animal at home.


As a sponsor, you will help animals who has been rescued from abused case, cruelty, dumped, and other non-human reason. They are now treated and fostered in our temporary house while waiting for you to adopt.To find out how to adopt an animal from AFJ, please visit this link. Full list of animals at Animal Friends Jogja which available to support can be viewed through these pages.

What is this Sponsorship Program actually ? 

  1. Sponsorship/Sponsor Parent (SP)
    In this program, you are asked to help finance the food, medical care (medications, e.g. worm treatment; multivitamins; and yearly vaccinations), grooming, flea and tick eradication, etc. The animals rescued by AFJ, generally have problems with their physical condition and one of the most common is a skin condition, such as demodex, scabies, fungus or fleas/ticks that cause unbearable itchiness. To combat this, we treat them with shampoos or other safe medications to try and prevent their skin conditions and stop them from getting worse, and provide some routine therapy with special shampoos and other treatments to help minimize the symptoms.There are two options for this program:

    • Sponsor a Selected Animal
      Choose the animal you wish to sponsor for a particular period of time.
    • Sponsor an Anonymous Animal
      If you’d like to sponsor an AFJ rescue animal but don’t really mind which one, AFJ will choose one for you.

    Sponsor fees are as follows:

    • For Dogs USD70 / month
    • For Cats USD40 / month

    If you’d like to join with others to sponsor an AFJ rescue animal, you can do a collective sponsorship.  However, if you choose this option, you’ll need to find your own sponsorship partners and all transfers must be done from 1 (one) account to simplify our financial tracking and record keeping.

  2. Sponsorship Packages
    The sponsorship packages are as follows:






    Looking Good

    Feeling Good

    Enjoying Life

    Parasite Treatment & Grooming

    Annual Vaccination

    Spay/Neuter & Medical Treatment









    Example: If you choose the ‘Looking Good’ package for dogs, you will donate $20 per month to pay for the monthly parasite treatment & grooming of one AFJ rescue dog.

You can choose from two AFJ Sponsorship Program time frames:

  • 6 months sponsorship program
  • 12 (twelve) months sponsorship program


I’M INTERESTED… !!! How can I be a sponsor parent ?

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to AFJ website: to choose the animal you wish to sponsor.
  2. Go to AFJ blog: and download formulir Program Sponsor Satwa AFJ
  3. Read and fill out the form, then send to the AFJ email addres : and CC (copy carbon) to email address:
    If you’re having difficulty downloading the form from our website, you can request a form by emailing the addresses above.
  4. If you are located in Jogja and wish to get more detailed information on AFJ’s Animal Sponsorship Program, you can contact our contact person on the numbers below set up a meeting.
  5. After receiving your form, we will let you know what you need to do next.
  6. For those who are living/staying in Jogja and would like to be involved with your sponsored animal, please check the box on the form and fill out the schedule with when and how often you’d like to visit.
  7. If your sponsor animal gets adopted before your sponsor program period has ended, we will immediately notify you and ask you to choose another sponsor animal.


The Benefits of Joining AFJ’s Animal Sponsorship Program

When you become a sponsor parent to a rescued animal, one of the biggest benefits you gain is the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping an AFJ rescue animal get a second chance to live a safe and caring life in our sanctuary, with people who love and take care of them. If you are able to routinely visit your sponsor animal you will get the added benefit of getting to know your sponsor animal and feel the unconditional love they have for humans despite the abuse they’ve suffered.  In addition, you’ll also get several other benefits according to the time frame and program chosen.

After we receive your first sponsorship payment, you will receive:

  • AFJ Merchandise
  • šš Your name on the AFJ Facebook page as an official sponsor (optional)
  • šA Triennale newsletter about Animal Friends Jogja programs and activities
  • Invitations to write testimonies and/or participate in radio shows where you can share your personal reasons for joining the AFJ Animal Sponsorship Program (optional)
  • š At the end of your program, you will receive a certificate, merchandise and updated photos and bio-data of the animal you sponsor*

By joining AFJ’s Animal Sponsorship Program, you’ll become a role model that will inspire and be an example to others by showing that despite not being able to care for an animal yourself, you can still help care for abused, neglected or abandoned animals and reduce the suffering they’ve experienced.  And even more fulfilling, you will gain a new best friend.

If you wish to know more about this program, please send your questions to with subject: Info on AFJ Animal Sponsorship Program. You can also contact our contact person ( see numbers below).

For businesses or groups that wish to become sponsors, please contact us for more information on  sponsor package for businesses and groups

Contact Persons for AFJ Sponsoring Program

  1. Bobby Fernando (whatsapp only: +628562930912)
  2. Monique Van Der Harst (whatsapp: +6285927400054)
  3. Panji Prasasti J.K (Telp/SMS: +62896 8711 9848 / +62878 3827 7618, BBM: 7d77c8e7)


Online information about sponsorship program can be read  here

Download Sponsorship proposal here

Download Sponsorship Form here


Thanks, please help us spread and share this program to your colleague / person who might interested on this sponsorship.