update from Rubine

Since being adopted, Rubine has been learning to live life as a normal dog should.. Days of fun with her best friend Nael..
Here’s the updates since he began his new life with his adopted family.

Here’s an update from Rubines adopter Ella:
Update 23/11/14

“ I hope I don’t send you too many emails, but I’m excited to tell you Rubine’s latest update. I was so happy when Rubine finally wanted to play voluntarily in the yard! She really enjoyed her time there, especially when she met a frog and got very excited, (don’t worry, we’ve made sure that the frog was not dangerous). Now she’s brave enough to go outside alone, even sometimes enjoying her time just laying down there. And she’s more playful now! I was afraid she was stressed because she was so calm as AFJ said she was playful. Nael is so into her right now, he always wants to play with her, which makes us happy. Rubine is so nice and sweet, she never chews anything else except the big bone I gave her since the first time, and now she started to go potty on the yard! I couldn’t be happier to have Rubine as a family member.”
Update 02/01/15
On 2 January, AFJ went to visit Rubine to see how she’s doing with her new family. She was at the door with her new best friend Nael. They are the closest friends and it shows in the way they interact. Rubine was happy and playful and looked right at home with the family. She still doesn’t want to walk with a leash so but she walks nicely alongside Nael and Ella and Patrick around the neighbourhood.

If you’d like a friend like Rubine.. please contact AFJ by logging on to our website www.animalfriendsjogja.org and click on Programs and Adoption. If you are in Yogyakarta or surrounding areas for a year or so, perhaps you could help foster one or two of our cats or dogs waiting for adoption. You will be helping reduce some of the costs for AFJ (all support money is from donations) and at the same time provide a stable and loving environment for our rescue animals.

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