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Stop Pembantaian Anjing Bali‬ & Tolak Reklamasi

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Malam hari lalu, di ‪#‎SaveOurWorld‬ – UKM Musik UNHI/PERKUSHI, Kampus UNHI Bali. Untuk pertama kalinya, @ajxcool meninggalkan piranti drumnya dan mengisi satu sesi ke depan stage untuk berorasi tentang kasus Eliminasi yang terjadi di Kampus UNHI dan membawakan single kami “A Paradise Of The Dogs”. Di sesi berikutnya pun, lagi-lagi mars ‪#‎BaliTolakReklamasi‬ berkumandang dan merangsek nurani kawan-kawan mahasiswa untuk turut bernyanyi dan mengangkat simbol perlawanan ke udara. Benar-benar malam yang penuh dengan aura perlawanan..!!! Terima kasih untuk kawan-kawan mahasiswa atas antusiasnya untuk @kevingautama dari Steel Bone Rigid yang sudah membantu menggantikan sementara posisi @hadydirnt di Bass Player.


Adoption Day #1 at Car Free Day

Just wanna share the happy moment of our first Adoption Day held at Car Free Day Jogja on last 15 February 2015.

The dazzling darlings who ruled the day were Jumpy John, Cuddly Elok, one-eyed Jack Sparrow, Run-around Red Dog and Ijan, and the swingy-legged-pretty-smiley Veva!!


There was a nice surprise for us, the Guerrilla Squad and our dazzling darlings when some of the adopted dogs with their new families joined us that day! What a great reunion with Copi and Papa Giovanni, Jaani-Scottea and Papa Nino, Rubine and Mama Marcella-Papa Patrick-li’l brother Nael!! The legendary dancer, Mas Didik Nini Thowok completed the happy adoption day with his presence, Jack Sparrow instantly signed up to be his number one fan since that very day!



Car-Free Day idea is to reduce air pollution from vehicles by closing the main avenue of the city from cars and inviting local pedestrian to exercise and having their activities on the streets that normally full of cars and traffic. It’s also a good way for families spending healthy quality time together. It was great, however we feel a bit concerned seeing so many trashes were left on the street. Oh c’mon people, we can do better than that! What’s the point of enjoying fresh air, loving animals, but causing other pollution on the street by littering? Remember, we live in this ONLY ONE EARTH, Human-animals-environment are interconnected with one another, let’s pledge to respect and care for one another, shall we?


Ready to adopt a new family member and give them a second chance to love and be loved? Check this out:
See you again in our next Adoption Day!

Thanks to all Guerrilla Squad who organized and made this happened succesfully: Poltak, Vivien, Nomen, Nuna, Ayu, Miany, Fandi, Bobb, Elly, Dilla, Stanley, Bagas, Prass, Lolita, Wout, Agas, Bernas and also YOU!!

‪#‎AdoptDontBuy‬ ‪#‎AdopsiJanganBeli‬ ‪#‎ProudToAdoptARescue‬ ‪#‎SaveALife‬


The Little Adventurers Learning to Care for the AFJ dogs

Are you ready to have fun?


When my children started to ask if we could buy a dog I found it hard to explain to them that owning a dog as a pet is a responsibility that requires some education, training and commitment. It is easy to buy a pet but caring for an animal properly over many years of its life is often overlooked. Of course the kids didn’t fully understand why they couldn’t simply buy a dog off the shelf like a tin of beans.

All dogs deserve love, even the not so pretty ones.


The question kept coming from my 3 young kids “Daddy can we buy a dog”. How was I going to teach my kids about animals in general and for them to learn more about caring for animals longer term? In Jogja there are very limited opportunities for children to gain hands on experience and contact with animals.
Fortunately a friend who volunteers at AFJ suggested that the kids could learn about animals by visiting the animal sanctuary. Naturally I followed up on the suggestion. The kids keen as mustard to ‘start off’ by learning how to walk and handle some of the rescued dogs at AFJ sanctuary.
On our first visit both the kids and dogs were very excited about meeting. However, the kids were a bit scared as were some of the dogs at AFJ on their first encounter. They simply didn’t know how to react to each other.
The staff and volunteers at AFJ were relaxed and supportive: showing the children how to walk the dogs in a controlled way and interact with them. It took a bit of time for the three young adventurers to gain confidence and learn how to handle the dogs without panicking and shouting, causing the dogs stress. Many of the dogs weren’t used to being with young children but both the kids and dogs soon got over that hurdle.

Children walking dogs
It has been many months since we started visiting AFJ and I am glad to say we are now regular and welcome guests. The kids enjoy the experience as much as the dogs do when they set off on their walks.
What is clear to me is the children have really benefited from being close to animals and nature during their many walks by the riverside under the shade of tall bamboos and trees. Walking the dogs at AFJ offers many benefits: Healthy outdoors activity, learning to care for animals and about compassion for living creatures we share our world with. We have all seen children and adults react badly to animals. Chasing them with sticks or throwing stones at them. The reason could be that people are scared and lack the experience required to relate to animals if they have had no contact with them.

Dog obedience teaches humans and dogs to work together

When we first walked the dogs it was a bit chaotic as neither the kids nor the dogs knew how to react to each other. Now they are like old friends and simply enjoy the pleasure of river side walks chatting away and laughing playfully. The kids know all the dogs by name and understand much more about how to handle the characters of each of the dogs they take for walks.
AFJ now has 3 young volunteer dog walkers which is providing great pleasure to the children and giving much needed exercise and attention to the dogs that have yet to be adopted. It seems that the children were able to help AFJ by socializing the dogs that were not very used to children too so now they can be adopted by families that have children.

Dogs can be a child's best friend, someone to share happy and sad times with.

We have made many new friends with staff and volunteers at AFJ and of course without the dogs this would never have happened. I thank AFJ and the wonderful dogs for giving my children the opportunity to learn and discover the friendships that animals can give so freely when treated with respect.
Daddy of the three young AFJ Adventurers: Jogjakarta March 2015.


Helping Grandmas’ Cats #HelpOthersHelpAnimals.

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Kami berjumpa dengan dua nenek yang penyayang di Bausasran yang mendedikasikan usia senja mereka bagi kucing-kucing yang tak diinginkan. Cinta yang besar mereka punya, tapi sayangnya kucing-kucing yang sakit perlu lebih dari itu untuk sembuh.

Sementara ini, kucing-kucing duo simbah sudah diberikan obat cacing, yang sakit mata sudah diperiksa dan diberikan pengobatanoleh drh. Andre Lisnawan. Kami masih mencoba mendapatkan ijin untuk mengadakan sterilisasi bagi kucing-kucing di rumah itu. Saat ini sudah ada belasan kucing, dan mereka bisa berlipat ganda sangat cepat jika tidak dicegah.

Terimakasih untuk Anda yang terus mendukung kami; karena Andalah makin banyak satwa bisa terbantu, dan beban sesama yang peduli satwa namun kurang mampu dapat diringankan. Semoga segera duo simbah akan memberikan persetujuan untuk sterilisasi. Anda bisa membantu mensponsori sterilisasi bagi kucing-kucing simbah. Caranya bisa dibaca di sini ya:
We came across these two lovely grandmas in Bausasran who dedicate the dusk of their days for unwanted kitties. Abundant love is what they have, but unfortunately sick cats need more than love to heal. In the meantime, all cats have been dewormed, the ones with eye problems have been checked by Vet Andre Lisnawan and received medications.
We’re still trying to get permission from the grandmas to spay and neuter their cats. There are tens of cats already, and they can multiply very quickly, causing overpopulation at the grandmas’ house. We thank you, our supporters; because of you we can help more animals in need as well as lessen the burden of others who care about animals. Hopefully, the sweet grandmas will finally agree to sterilize the cats. You can help by sponsoring the sterilization cost for grandmas’ cats. Here’s how:
10406997_836830296388116_5108901411345318104_n 10995689_836830399721439_161019173807290369_n 11029485_836830266388119_1619689410279536141_n 11043080_836830353054777_5801905979911280738_n

Lombok Awareness Tour #savesharks Aku Cinta Hiu di Laut

Tanjung Luar, Lombok Timur, selama beberapa tahun belakangan ini memiliki reputasi yang kurang baik; wilayah itu terkenal dengan perburuan besar-besaran hiu dan manta ray! JAAN mengunjungi Tanjung Luar setelah menerima berbagai laporan tentang pembantaian Lumba-lumba untuk digunakan sebagai umpan hiu. Sejak saat itu, JAAN mulai bergerak dengan berbagai kegiatan di wilayah itu, diawali dengan mengadakan riset dan berkoordinasi dengan pemerintah mengenai permasalahan-permasalahan yang ada di lapangan.
JAAN bekerjasama dengan Gili Eco Trust untuk program ini dan pada tahun 2014, JAAN dan Animal Friends Jogja (AFJ) bekerja bersama untuk mengadakan tur kepedulian di wilayah tersebut. Pertunjukan boneka edukatif yang dirancang khusus serta dibuat oleh relawan-relawan dan mengangkat tema penyelamatan hiu dan ekosistem laut ini berkeliling dari satu sekolah ke sekolah lain yang berada di desa-desa nelayan di dalam dan sekitar wilayah Tanjung Luar.
Selama bulan November 2014, pertunjukan boneka ini berkeliling mengadakan edukasi di 7 sekolah di Tanjung Luar (Keruak), Lombok.
#SelamatkanHiu #SaveSharks #LautLestari

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Puppetshow “Lulu si Lumba-lumba”

Hi Sahabat Satwa Jogja,
Kalau ingin puppetshow “Lulu si Lumba-lumba” datang ke sekolah, playgroup, kindy, kampung Anda, silahkan kontak AFJ di Kita bisa belajar bersama mengenai lumba-lumba dan kekejaman yang dialami lumba lumba dalam sirkus keliling yang masih marak di wilayah Indonesia. Sungguh memprihatinkan bahwa Indonesia adalah NEGARA SATU-SATUNYA di dunia yang masih memberi ijin pentas sirkus keliling lumba-lumba, di belahan dunia lain, sirkus keliling lumba-lumba dan aneka satwa SUDAH DILARANG karena sangat menyiksa satwa dan memberikan informasi yang sangat keliru mengenai kehidupan satwa.

Selain belajar peduli tentang si Lumba-lumba, mamalia laut yang cerdas, anak-anak bisa bertemu juga dengan anjing atau kucing, belajar pentingnya memilah sampah, tidak buang sampah sembarangan, belajar membuat kerajinan daur ulang, permainan seru lain dan bernyanyi bersama lagu-lagu cinta satwa dan alam.
Untuk remaja dan dewasa, ada program nonton film edukatif, diskusi dan quiz bersama…

Yuk rencanakan acara mulai sekarang untuk tahun depan..and let’s have fun learning about animals and nature. Thank you.


Aruna the Animal Hero

Here’s an inspirational letter to a school teacher from Aruna Tung, a student of the Yogyakarta International School (YIS), who has been supporting AFJ every Christmas by donating some of the money she works hard to earn selling cheese sticks at school.
Aruna, you are our AFJ hero…
Hi Ibu Chintia! I would like to tell you one of the things i did in this Christmas holiday.
On the 5th of January 2014, we visited Animal Friends Jogja (AFJ) with some of mommy’s family.
 Animal Friends Jogja is a group of animal lovers who save animals from cruelty and educate people so they know more about animals and their needs. When we visited, they were taking care of dogs, cats,monkeys and dolphins. A lot of the dogs had either been in an accident that damaged their limbs or had skin diseases.
One dog escaped its owner’s house and got hit by a car and damaged its legs. When the owner saw that the dog was limping, she didn’t want it anymore. She told AFJ to take the dog or she would throw it away.  AFJ picked up the dog but the owner did not want AFJ to go to her house and they think she is a breeder. They took him and took care of him. It is very sad that people don’t accept animals that are not perfect.
Some other dogs had skin diseases and they have a different diet than the other dogs because they cannot have too much protein. The skin disease and the limp legs can be healed but like other medicines and treatments they need money.
We cared for the animals and decided to donate money. I sell cheese sticks at school and the money i got, i donated to AFJ. My cousin, Christopher and i all donated one hundred thousand rupiah, mommy and daddy paid three times our total amount.
Aruna and Jiway Tung at AFJ dog sanctuary

AFJ had two monkeys that they have rescued from street performers (topeng monyet) where the monkey is forced to perform and do tricks. Monkeys cannot stand upright but in the road they do. How the street performers achieve this? They hang the monkey and tie it hands together for two weeks without food until their backbone is straight. The monkeys in AFJ are taught how to solve problems like getting food out of a bottle or finding it so in the wild they can be prepared.

We asked how we can help and she said we can help by educating other people so they are more aware. If you would like to help the monkeys, don’t give  money because the owner we are never sure if the owner is going to use it for himself. You can give him a banana.

AFJ also helps dolphins in the dolphin circus. In many other countries they have banned dolphin circuses but in Indonesia there are some that are still going. Dolphins are wild animals like monkeys and cannot be tamed.

If we want to help dogs who are getting abused or tied up all the time and we want to report to AFJ we must have evidence like a video or pictures. We must take part in saving the dog and also taking care of it. Before taking the dog away from the owner, they try to educate the owner so they can take better care of their dog because some owners just don’t know how to take care of their dog. If the owner is actually being abusive, they take the dog away. Many dogs are involved in dog fights. Puppies are taught to fight and put in a dark room only getting visits from its owner to hit the dog until it is only scared of its owner and attacks anything else. People put money on the dogs that they think will win and the fight ends when one dog kills another. It is very sad that people do those type of things for fun. When the dog is saved, it is traumatized and needs lots of love. Other people make dogs into food! They like to kill the dog without seeing any blood so they put the dog in a bag and hit it over and over until it dies. The AFJ worker says that you can hear their cries and tears actually come out of their eyes.

Albus Dumbledore a rescue dog at AFJ
This concludes that we should not be cruel to animals because they have feelings and are living beings that deserve not to be treated badly. Wild animals cannot live in captivity and should be in the wild. We need to help in order for AFJ to keep on going. Maybe we can have our class visit them or we can ask AFJ to visit us and give a small presentation.  It will be so fun to see the animals! I think once AFJ visited YIS but they lost contact. We can learn things like how to work together, caring for animals and the environment and having fun!
Some rescued cats relaxing at AFJ
Thanks so much Aruna, we hope you like your new bandanna, please come again…
from all the AFJ dogs, cats and monkeys and the AFJ Guerilla Squad volunteers.

Temanku Alam & Satwa 19 – SD Budi Mulia Dua

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Acara edukasi AFJ ‘Temanku Alam dan Satwa 19’ yang dilaksanakan di SD Budi Mulia Dua berlangsung dengan sangat menyenangkan.

Kita semua suka film yang bagus kan? Film yang bagus dan sarat edukasi, jika bisa dapat dua-duanya, kenapa tidak ?

Jadilah relawan2 AFJ hadir kembali di SD Budi Mulia Dua untuk pemutaran film yang santai bermakna yang berjudul “LOST alias “The Kids Are [NOT] Alright” oleh OrcaFims ( diikuti diskusi seru tentang fakta bahwa masih banyak sekali terjadi kekejaman terhadap satwa yang seringkali disamarkan sebagai ‘edukasi’!

Kejamnya perdagangan satwa di pasar, eksploitasi satwa di kebun binatang dna sirkus-sirkus, perburuan ilegal satwa liar dari alam liar…penghancuran hutan-hutan kita, itu hanyalah sedikit contoh dari apa yang akan membuat anak-anak kita tidak akan baik-baik saja di masa depan. Payah ya?

Mulai Hari Ini, Selamatkan Masa Depan. Bagi Anak-anak, Satwa dan Alam. BERSAMA KITA BISA!

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We all love good movies, don’t we? Good movie loaded with educational contents, if we can have both, why not?? So there we were for the second time at Budi Mulia 2 Elementary School for a relax movie screening of LOST a.k.a. The Kids Are [NOT] Alright from OrcaFilms ( followed with an exciting discussion of the fact that there are still many cruelty to animals happening and disguised as ‘education’!

The cruel trade in animal markets, the exploitation on the animals in zoos and circuses, the illegal poaching of wild animals from the wild…the destruction of our forests, those are only few examples of what would make the kids of today will not be alright tomorrow. Too bad, right?

Let’s Start Today, Save Tomorrow. For the Kids, Animals, and the Nature. TOGETHER WE CAN!

Thanks to all of YOU who CARE and ACT!

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Bu Isti, the Cats Hero – Be Inspired, Find the Strength in You

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Kami berjumpa dgn Bu Istiatun melalui drh. Andre Lisnawan yang bercerita tentang seorang ibu yang berjuang sendirian untuk memperbaiki nasib kucing jalanan di Magelang, Jateng. Hati ibu ini tersentuh menyaksikan buruknya nasib yang dihadapi kucing-kucing buangan di pasar. Bu Isti memberi makan mereka, membawa yang sakit ke dokter dan merawat mereka semampunya. Tapi kian hari kian banyak kucing dibuang ke pasar, beberapa melahirkan anak-anak kucing dengan nasib yang tidak jelas di pasar dan menambah jumlah kucing tak berumah di sana. Banyak orang di pasar membenci mereka, bahkan berniat meniadakan mereka. Tanpa dukungan dari suami, tak mungkin Bu Isti membawa mereka pulang, belum lagi rumahnya sangat sempit. Meski didera tantangan ini, menyerah tidak ada di kamus Bu Isti! Beliau mulai mencari tahu bagaimana cara yang tepat baginya untuk menolong dengan keterbatasannya. Beliau mendapat informasi bahwa sterilisasi adalah cara yang tepat dan manusiawi untuk mencegah overpopulasi, dan dari situlah beliau bertemu dengan drh. Andre di kliniknya.

Siapakah beliau? Bu Istiatun mencari nafkah dengan membuat dan menjual es batu, setiap hari beliau keliling mendistribusikan es batunya ke warung-warung di seputaran Magelang dengan motornya. Beliau bukanlah jutawan, tapi dari setiap rupiah yang bisa dikumpulkan, ditabung untuk membeli kandang lipat dan membayar biaya sterilisasi. Sementara itu, pelan-pelan Bu Istiatun mengadakan pendekatan dengan penjaga dan orang-orang di pasar bahwa ada cara yang baik untuk mencegah overpopulasi kucing, bukan dengan menyingkirkan mereka, tapi dengan sterilisasi. Dengan memberikan contoh, beliau juga mengajarkan untuk bersama merawat kucing-kucing itu, dan menyadarkan warga pasar bahwa kucing-kucing tsb hanyalah korban dari ketidakpedulian manusia. Mereka tidak punya pilihan selain bertahan hidup di kerasnya kehidupan jalanan, dan kitalah yang berbagi tempat dengan mereka, kita yang mempunyai hati meskipun juga berjuang untuk hidup, adalah yang bisa menolong kucing-kucing itu.

Beliau tidak tahu internet, facebook, apalagi twitter, atau instagram, tetapi beliau mampu mengedukasi diri tentang hal baik apa yang bisa dilakukan untuk kucing-kucing jalanan. Tanpa bantuan dari siapapun tapi dirinya sendiri dan semangat kuatnya melakukan kebaikan, beliau selama ini terus melaksanakan program sterilisasi bagi kucing-kucing yang dibuang ke pasar. Biasanya, bisa sampai 8 kucing disterilkannya tiap bulan. Selepas berjualan es, bu Isti akan bolak balik dari pasar ke klinik untuk mengantar kucing-kucing yang akan disterilkan. Kandang-kandang perawatan diletakkannya di sebuah sudut di pasar. Setiap hari pula beliau akan bolak-balik ke pasar untuk merawat dan memberi makan kucing-kucing itu. Sembari beliau, dengan keramahannya dan keceriaannya, membujuk warga pasar agar bersedia membantu ‘mengadopsi’ dan memelihara kucing-kucing yang telah disterilkan untuk seterusnya. Tidak hanya membujuk mereka memelihara, Bu Isti juga tetap membantu memberi ‘subsidi’ makanan untuk kucing-kucing itu. Perlahan tapi pasti, satu persatu warga pasar jatuh hati dan tumbuh cinta di hati mereka untuk kucing-kucing itu :)

Dengan kalkulasi di atas kertas, sepertinya tidak mungkin bagi Bu Isti dengan pendapatannya hanya dari berjualan es batu untuk sanggup membiayai sekian banyak pengeluaran untuk membantu kucing-kucing itu, tetapi ternyata, dengan ketidakegoisannya, beliau bisa!

Semoga kisah Bu Isti mengisnspirasi kita di penghujung tahun 2013 ini, kita yang mudah mengeluh, mudah menyerah, mudah mengorbankan mereka yang paling tak memiliki suara dari yang tak mampu bersuara; para satwa terlantar, untuk kepentingan kita pribadi.

Selamat Tahun Baru 2014

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We came across Ms. Ismiatun through Vet Andre Lisnawan, he told us this story about a one-woman struggle to better the lives of stray cats in Magelang, Central Java. Her tender heart was touched one day witnessing the ugly fate that stray cats had to face at the market. She fed these cats, took the sick ones to the vet and did whatever best she could do to care for the cats, but more and more cats were dumped to the market, some gave birth at the market and increased the number of homeless cats there, many people hated them and even tried to kill them. Her unsupportive husband didn’t allow her to take in those poor cats, but giving up is not an option for her, she started to gather information by herself on the proper way to help amidst her limitations. She found out that sterilization can prevent overpopulation significantly and humanely and it brought her to meet Vet Andre at his clinic.

Who is she? Ms. Ismiatun makes and sells ice blocks for a living, every day she distributes those ice blocks to several small restaurants around the town with her motorcycle. It doesn’t make her a millionaire, but every penny she could get from time to time was put in her saving to purchase cat cages and pay the expenses of sterilization surgery. In the meantime, she educated the guard and the sellers at the market that there’s better way to overcome cat overpopulation crisis, not by killing the innocent cats, but through sterilization. She also taught them by example to care for the cats together, and that those cats are only the victims of people’s ignorance. They had no choice but to survive the harsh of street life and we’re the ones sharing space with them, we who care despite our own struggle, are the ones who should help them.

She knows no internet, facebook, twitter or instagram, but she’s able to educate herself on what good thing she can do for the stray cats. With no help from anyone else but her and her strong good will, she’s been managing and doing continuous sterilization program for stray cats who were dumped and surviving in a traditional market in Magelang. Usually, she can sterilize up to 8 cats every month. After work, she’d go back and forth from the market to the clinic to bring the cats inside the baskets at the back of her motorcycle. She put post care cages at a corner of the market. And everyday, she’d also go back and forth to feed and care for the cats. With her friendliness, she’d talk to the market people, encouraging them to help by ‘adopting’ the sterilized cats. She doesn’t just ask them to look after the cats, but she continuously give food subsidy. Slowly but sure, more and more of the market people fall for the cats, grow love over them :)

On the paper, it’s not possible for Bu Isti to spend that much amount of money from what she gets from just selling ice blocks on those cats, but however, over unselfishness, there’s always a way!!

Hopefully, Ms. Ismi’s story can inspire us all, WE who are always not thankful enough of what we have, WE who give up so easily, WE who choose to let the most voiceless of the voiceless; the abandoned animals, suffer for our selfishness.

Happy New Year 2014

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