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Adoption Day #1 at Car Free Day

Just wanna share the happy moment of our first Adoption Day held at Car Free Day Jogja on last 15 February 2015.

The dazzling darlings who ruled the day were Jumpy John, Cuddly Elok, one-eyed Jack Sparrow, Run-around Red Dog and Ijan, and the swingy-legged-pretty-smiley Veva!!


There was a nice surprise for us, the Guerrilla Squad and our dazzling darlings when some of the adopted dogs with their new families joined us that day! What a great reunion with Copi and Papa Giovanni, Jaani-Scottea and Papa Nino, Rubine and Mama Marcella-Papa Patrick-li’l brother Nael!! The legendary dancer, Mas Didik Nini Thowok completed the happy adoption day with his presence, Jack Sparrow instantly signed up to be his number one fan since that very day!



Car-Free Day idea is to reduce air pollution from vehicles by closing the main avenue of the city from cars and inviting local pedestrian to exercise and having their activities on the streets that normally full of cars and traffic. It’s also a good way for families spending healthy quality time together. It was great, however we feel a bit concerned seeing so many trashes were left on the street. Oh c’mon people, we can do better than that! What’s the point of enjoying fresh air, loving animals, but causing other pollution on the street by littering? Remember, we live in this ONLY ONE EARTH, Human-animals-environment are interconnected with one another, let’s pledge to respect and care for one another, shall we?


Ready to adopt a new family member and give them a second chance to love and be loved? Check this out:
See you again in our next Adoption Day!

Thanks to all Guerrilla Squad who organized and made this happened succesfully: Poltak, Vivien, Nomen, Nuna, Ayu, Miany, Fandi, Bobb, Elly, Dilla, Stanley, Bagas, Prass, Lolita, Wout, Agas, Bernas and also YOU!!

‪#‎AdoptDontBuy‬ ‪#‎AdopsiJanganBeli‬ ‪#‎ProudToAdoptARescue‬ ‪#‎SaveALife‬


The Little Adventurers Learning to Care for the AFJ dogs

Are you ready to have fun?


When my children started to ask if we could buy a dog I found it hard to explain to them that owning a dog as a pet is a responsibility that requires some education, training and commitment. It is easy to buy a pet but caring for an animal properly over many years of its life is often overlooked. Of course the kids didn’t fully understand why they couldn’t simply buy a dog off the shelf like a tin of beans.

All dogs deserve love, even the not so pretty ones.


The question kept coming from my 3 young kids “Daddy can we buy a dog”. How was I going to teach my kids about animals in general and for them to learn more about caring for animals longer term? In Jogja there are very limited opportunities for children to gain hands on experience and contact with animals.
Fortunately a friend who volunteers at AFJ suggested that the kids could learn about animals by visiting the animal sanctuary. Naturally I followed up on the suggestion. The kids keen as mustard to ‘start off’ by learning how to walk and handle some of the rescued dogs at AFJ sanctuary.
On our first visit both the kids and dogs were very excited about meeting. However, the kids were a bit scared as were some of the dogs at AFJ on their first encounter. They simply didn’t know how to react to each other.
The staff and volunteers at AFJ were relaxed and supportive: showing the children how to walk the dogs in a controlled way and interact with them. It took a bit of time for the three young adventurers to gain confidence and learn how to handle the dogs without panicking and shouting, causing the dogs stress. Many of the dogs weren’t used to being with young children but both the kids and dogs soon got over that hurdle.

Children walking dogs
It has been many months since we started visiting AFJ and I am glad to say we are now regular and welcome guests. The kids enjoy the experience as much as the dogs do when they set off on their walks.
What is clear to me is the children have really benefited from being close to animals and nature during their many walks by the riverside under the shade of tall bamboos and trees. Walking the dogs at AFJ offers many benefits: Healthy outdoors activity, learning to care for animals and about compassion for living creatures we share our world with. We have all seen children and adults react badly to animals. Chasing them with sticks or throwing stones at them. The reason could be that people are scared and lack the experience required to relate to animals if they have had no contact with them.

Dog obedience teaches humans and dogs to work together

When we first walked the dogs it was a bit chaotic as neither the kids nor the dogs knew how to react to each other. Now they are like old friends and simply enjoy the pleasure of river side walks chatting away and laughing playfully. The kids know all the dogs by name and understand much more about how to handle the characters of each of the dogs they take for walks.
AFJ now has 3 young volunteer dog walkers which is providing great pleasure to the children and giving much needed exercise and attention to the dogs that have yet to be adopted. It seems that the children were able to help AFJ by socializing the dogs that were not very used to children too so now they can be adopted by families that have children.

Dogs can be a child's best friend, someone to share happy and sad times with.

We have made many new friends with staff and volunteers at AFJ and of course without the dogs this would never have happened. I thank AFJ and the wonderful dogs for giving my children the opportunity to learn and discover the friendships that animals can give so freely when treated with respect.
Daddy of the three young AFJ Adventurers: Jogjakarta March 2015.


update from Rubine

Since being adopted, Rubine has been learning to live life as a normal dog should.. Days of fun with her best friend Nael..
Here’s the updates since he began his new life with his adopted family.

Here’s an update from Rubines adopter Ella:
Update 23/11/14

“ I hope I don’t send you too many emails, but I’m excited to tell you Rubine’s latest update. I was so happy when Rubine finally wanted to play voluntarily in the yard! She really enjoyed her time there, especially when she met a frog and got very excited, (don’t worry, we’ve made sure that the frog was not dangerous). Now she’s brave enough to go outside alone, even sometimes enjoying her time just laying down there. And she’s more playful now! I was afraid she was stressed because she was so calm as AFJ said she was playful. Nael is so into her right now, he always wants to play with her, which makes us happy. Rubine is so nice and sweet, she never chews anything else except the big bone I gave her since the first time, and now she started to go potty on the yard! I couldn’t be happier to have Rubine as a family member.”
Update 02/01/15
On 2 January, AFJ went to visit Rubine to see how she’s doing with her new family. She was at the door with her new best friend Nael. They are the closest friends and it shows in the way they interact. Rubine was happy and playful and looked right at home with the family. She still doesn’t want to walk with a leash so but she walks nicely alongside Nael and Ella and Patrick around the neighbourhood.

If you’d like a friend like Rubine.. please contact AFJ by logging on to our website and click on Programs and Adoption. If you are in Yogyakarta or surrounding areas for a year or so, perhaps you could help foster one or two of our cats or dogs waiting for adoption. You will be helping reduce some of the costs for AFJ (all support money is from donations) and at the same time provide a stable and loving environment for our rescue animals.

Adopted_Dog_Nov14_RubineElla7 HV Rubine 20150102180802 (2)


Rubine’s Story – From Hell in a Cage to Heaven at Home…

Rubine’s Diary… from hell to heaven…

Rubine started life in a living hell, stuck in a small cat cage with her mum and 3 siblings from birth.

Never having the space to run or stretch or be like a normal dog, her legs were bent and she didn’t know how to walk properly.

Rubine's  Hell Cage

Then one day, after many visits to Rubine’s owner failed to encourage him to provide the dogs with more humane living conditions, AFJ was able to free Rubine and his remaining siblings Ruchie and Rufo.  (Her mum and another sibling had been sold.)

For the very first time, Rubine found out what it was like to live a life free of the cage.

IMG-20140802-WA0002 IMG-20140802-WA0000


For the next three months Rubine left behind her life behind bars and began adjusting to a normal happy life at the dog sanctuary, waiting for the right person to come and love her.

10801826_759656690772144_4707643403299560260_n 10805815_759656590772154_1966341697271335437_n

She learned to run and play, how to eat and pee and poop  in the way a dog should be able too, not squashed up and on top of the other dogs, her life experience thus far.

Then one day AFJ got an email from Ella.  She’d read about Rubine’s life in a cage and fallen in love with Rubine’s photo.  Ella and her husband Patrick decided then and there that Rubine was the one to complete their family.  Ella and Patrick already have a small son  Nael and they wanted him to grow up with a four legged friend just as Ella had when she was a girl.  She didn’t mind that Rubine was not a special breed and her legs were bent.  She didn’t want to buy a dog from a breeder, she wanted to support a dog that needed rescuing and Rubine’s eyes called out to her as she read her story on the AFJ fb site so she’d filled in the adoption form and sent it in.


After the AFJ adoption team had read her application, Ella was cleared to the next stage of the process – a home visit from the AFJ Adoption Team.    AFJ visited Ella, Patrick and Nael late the next evening and they turned out to be the most perfect candidates for Rubine’s new family.  They live in quiet neighbourhood where others also have dogs and the landlord and neighbours are dog friendly.  The house is also perfect as they have a small fenced yard and carport, the perfect size for a small dog like Rubine to play in. They plan to live in Jogja permanently but if in the future things change and they have to move, then just like Nael, Rubine will come along.  No way would they leave him behind – a dog is part of the family.  They also agreed to make sure that Rubine has regular vaccinations and worm and flea treatment,  and they will feed Rubine the way she likes to be fed at the AFJ sanctuary or slowly transition her to dog food when she’s ready.

So with all the boxes ticked, it was agreed that Ella, Patrick and Nael could come and meet Rubine for the first time.  Sometimes a photo is different from the real deal so they needed to come and meet Rubine to see if they were meant to be a family or perhaps another dog would suit them better.

AFJ location is kept secret and is not open to the public to protect the animals there and also to prevent people dumping unwanted pets so Ella and Patrick had to sign a secrecy agreement before the visit.  They had already transferred the fee to cover the spaying operation and vaccinations that Rubine had already had, then on the 17th of November, they arrived at the sanctuary.  Nael was a little nervous at first seeing so many dogs barking and jumping around.  AFJ’s dogs are not in cages but large enclosures where they can run free but are still safe inside a boundary fence.

Rubine was ready at the gate with Anun her carer but she was very nervous about being on a leash.  She’d done a little behavioural training with Sophie one of our volunteers, but she didn’t really get the idea that the leash meant freedom, she was still traumatized by her cage experience and she still needed some encouragement to walk.


When Ella saw Rubine it was love at first sight.  From the moment she held her, Ruben nestled into her arms and put her head under Ella’s chin as if to say, she’s my new mum, I think I will stay here.  And so she did.  Ella spent some time learning how to encourage Rubine to walk by giving her treats and pats whenever she took a step, but she’ll need some more training at home.

Adopted_Dog_Nov14_RubineElla9 Adopted_Dog_Nov14_RubineElla7 Adopted_Dog_Nov14_RubineElla6

Nael was a bit apprehensive but by the end of the visit, Rubine was eating snacks out of Nael’s hand. 

Then they took Rubine for a quick walk to say goodbye to her brother Rufo, and his house mates Pickles and Celine and the cats.


Patrick was really happy to see Nael, Ella and Rubine happy together and he also encouraged Rubine to walk and play with Nael but he also had other ideas.  You see, when they arrived, the other dogs all came to the front and Patrick fell in love with John.  He asked Ella, how about taking John too?? Hmm, maybe later Ya??


And so it was time for the happy family to go home.  Ella had brought her adoption form and transferred the subsidy fee for vaccines and spaying.  Then it was time to jump into the car.

Rubine joined Nael and Ella in the back while Patrick drove them to Rubine’s new home.  Who knows, after a few months, John may get to see Rubine again…

Adopted_Dog_Nov14_RubineElla16 Adopted_Dog_Nov14_RubineElla2 Adopted_Dog_Nov14_RubineElla14

See you in a month for a homevisit Rubine…



Rubine is adjusting so well in her new home.   For the first few days at her new home, Rubine didn’t eat much of the food Ella cooked so she decided to try her on dry dog food for puppies, and it turned out she liked it. So since then she’s been eating dog food.   Rubine and Nael are best of friends now.  It took some time for Rubine to want to walk on the grass outside, she only wanted to be inside, but now she is happy playing outside and in.  Nael takes her for walks and they always play together.

HV Rubine 20150102180802 (1)

Often Nael just sits near Rubine when she eats, accompanying her.   So cute.   When Nael wakes up and comes out of the bedroom, the first thing he does is look for Rubine and to play with her. One day, Nael suddenly cried after his nap and Rubine came for him and rolled over on the floor, which made Nael instantly laugh.  Ella and Patrick are so glad they get along very well.   But they still haven’t managed to make her like the leash.   Whenever Ella or Patrick come to her with the leash, she lies down and won’t move.   So for now she walks without a leash, just to introduce her to the activity of walking together with the family.   Fortunately she stays close and they only walk around the housing estate where there is little traffic, but it will still be safer if she takes to the leash.  For now they will keep on trying.

Update 23/11/14

Here’s an update from Rubines adopter Ella:

“ I hope I don’t send you too many emails, but I’m excited to tell you Rubine’s latest update.  I was so happy when Rubine finally wanted to play voluntarily in the yard! She really enjoyed her time there, especially when she met a frog and got very excited, (don’t worry, we’ve made sure that the frog was not dangerous). Now she’s brave enough to go outside alone, even sometimes enjoying her time just laying down there. And she’s more playful now! I was afraid she was stressed because she was so calm as AFJ said she was playful.   Nael is so into her right now, he always wants to play with her, which makes us happy.   Rubine is so nice and sweet, she never chews anything else except the big bone I gave her since the first time, and now she started to go potty on the yard! I couldn’t be happier to have Rubine as a family member.”


Update 02/01/15

On 2 January, an AFJ volunteer from the Adoption Team went to visit Rubine to see how she’s doing with her new family.  She was at the door with her new best friend Nael.  They are the closest friends and it shows in the way they interact.  Rubine was happy and playful and looked right at home with the family.  She still doesn’t want to walk with a leash but she walks nicely alongside Nael and Ella and Patrick around the neighbourhood.

HV Rubine 20150102180802 (3)

Life is good for Rubine now…

AFJ would like to say a very big THANK YOU to Ella, Patrick and Nael, you are Rubine’s real life rescuers…

If you’d like to be a true rescuer and Adopt not Buy a dog or a cat, you can read about the process on or email and we’ll send you a form.

Adopt don’t buy – find a loyal friend and save a life at the same time…

poster adoption day

Adoption day #1

yuk mari kemari support acara kami, adopsi adalah salah satu program yang ingin kami populerkan ke masyarakat peduli kesejahteraan satwa khususnya di jogja, kata adopsi akhir-akhir ini sudah mulai beralih fungsi digunakan sebagai penghalus kata jual-beli satwa khususnya satwa domestik, kami sangat butuh support untuk acara ini datang dan kampanyekan bahwa adopsi bukan jual beli, teman-teman bisa langsung bertemu dengan relawan Afj dan bisa cari informasi langsung mengenai cara mengadopsi satwa dari Afj, teman-teman juga bisa langsung isi form adopsi, juga pastinya kita akan bawa beberapa satwa yang sudah siap adopsi dan siap untuk keluarga baru. ‪#‎adoptdontbuy‬ ‪#‎adoptiondays‬#1


Agatha berkunjung :D

Keluarga besar (anjing, kucing, dan satwa lainnya) + para relawan AFJ mengucapkan Selamat Natal 2014 bagi teman – teman yang merayakan. Kiranya damai Natal dan sukacita di hari raya ini mengingatkan kita untuk selalu menjaga perdamaian dan semakin menyayangi semua makhluk ciptaan-Nya.

note: Di foto ini adalah Agatha yang beberapa hari lalu berkunjung ke rumah singgah AFJ, tempat dimana dulu Agatha dirawat sampai akhirnya diadopsikan. Agatha di-adopsi oleh sekeluarga baik hati dari Solo beberapa tahun yang lalu. Sebelum berangkat berkunjung ke AFJ, mas Pap yang mengadopsi Agatha bercerita bahwa Agatha langsung masuk ke mobil ketika diberi tahu bahwa mereka akan pergi ke AFJ dan Agatha sangat tenang selama perjalanan.

Sesampainya di AFJ dan bertemu dengan para relawan yang dulu pernah merawat Agatha, Agatha menjadi manja dan perasaan bahagia sangat terasa dalam benak kami melihat Agatha yang sekarang mempunyai keluarga yang sangat baik dan mau menerima dia. She deserves the second chance! Dan keluarga Mas Papias telah memberikannya. We are so happy for her 

Stop memperjualbelikan satwa. Sudah terlalu banyak ‘produk’ satwa yang dipaksa terlahir dan banyak diantaranya tidak mempunyai kesempatan yang sama untuk hidup dan disayang. Utamakan untuk adopsi dari rumah singgah atau tempat penampungan di sekitar lokasi Anda. Jika tidak ada, Anda juga bisa berbagi kasih dengan stray dogs / cats di sekitar Anda dengan memberinya makan minum secara teratur dan tempat berlindung sementara, siapa tau, Anda jatuh hati 

Salam cinta dan damai bagi semua makhluk di dunia ini. Mohon share cerita ini dan sebarkan bagi teman – teman yang belum membaca tulisan ini.

how to adopt from afj ?

Warm regards,
AFJ team

10413435_779416035462876_3767483541590066285_n 1

lovely flip flop Minie & Moe

Hai kami duo Minie & Moe dan kami lagi mencari orangtua asuh yang bersedia berbagi kasih sayang dengan kami selamanya.

tertarik menjadi orang tua asuh sementara atau menjadi adopter selamanya, silahkan cari info caranya lewat link ini


#Flash_back_post . Jaani and Scottea find their forever home – POST 24 NOVEMBER 2014 . SCOTTEA HILANG – Welcome Home, Scott Tea !!! A New Hope with a New Family !!

Scroll down for English text 

Ketika mereka masih kecil, Jaani diselamatkan pada awal tahun 2011 dengan dua adiknya, Copi & Marijan, dari situasi yang mengancam di lingkungan. Mereka tumbuh besar menjadi tiga anjing yang sehat, kuat, cerdas dan lucu. Scottea adalah korban tabrak lari di bagian utara Jogja, dia dilarikan ke klinik dan dirawat selama beberapa hari. Dia benar-benar sembuh sekarang dan berubah menjadi bocah tampan dengan senyum ceria.

Namun, tidak ada yang benar-benar ingin mengadopsi mereka karena mereka hanya anjing ‘kampung’ & ‘campuran’ yang masih dianggap tidak ‘bergengsi’ seperti anjing ras bagi banyak orang, sampai ….
Suatu hari di bulan Oktober 2013, Sari dan Nino, dua sahabat yang sedang merenovasi properti di Kota Gede untuk membangun homestay ramah lingkungan yang disebut Bhumi Hostel ( ) dan mereka ingin ada dua anjing untuk melengkapi keluarga dan tinggal bersama mereka di Kotagede. Mereka memutuskan untuk mengadopsi dari AFJ daripada membeli dari peternak karena mereka ingin membantu memberikan rumah bagi satwa terlantar.

Setelah mereka mendaftar dan diterima sebagai pengadopsi, mereka berharap untuk membawa anjing ke rumah pada bulan Desember tahun itu, namun masih ada beberapa kendala dengan renovasi dan lingkungan.
Tapi Sari dan Nino tidak menyerah, sementara menunggu waktu yang tepat untuk membawa Jaani & Scottea pulang, mereka datang secara rutin untuk berjalan-jalan dan bermain dengan Jaani dan Scottea dan untuk mengenal mereka lebih dekat. Karena untuk mengatasi kendala yang ada akan memakan waktu cukup lama, Sari dan Nino memutuskan untuk mensponsori 2 anjing itu untuk membayar biaya perawatan mereka, baik makanan maupun biaya medis. Ini sangat sangat membantu AFJ menutup dana perawatan Jaani & Scottea yang bisa dialokasikan kembali untuk anjing lain yang membutuhkan perawatan.

Oktober 2014, tepat setahun setelah mereka pertama kali lolos sebagai adopter Jaani dan Scottea, homestay itu hampir siap dan anjing-anjing dibawa untuk kunjungan pertama ke rumah baru .

Sari dan Nino saat itu baru saja menyelamatkan seekor anak kucing kecil yang ditemukan di atap. Jaani dan Scottea dipertemukan dengan si kitten dan juga diajak keluar halaman dan pagar. Untungnya, mereka tidak menggonggong pada orang yang lewat. Pagar penghalang tambahan dibuat sehingga anjing terpisah dari pagar depan. Itu ide bagus untuk orang-orang yang khawatir dengan anjing yang mengganggu tetangga ( dan sebaliknya). AnjinJaani & Scottea sangat menikmati hari itu di rumah baru, tetapi mereka harus kembali ke AFJ dulu sampai persiapan selesai dan mereka bisa tinggal permanen.

Sabtu lalu, 15 November, hari besar Jaani & Scottea untuk meninggalkan AFJ akhirnya tiba. Sari dan Jaani, Nino dan Scottea pergi jalan-jalan dulu sebelum perjalanan panjang ke Kotagede. Pada saat mereka kembal,i ada beberapa relawan yang khusus datang untuk mengucapkan selamat tinggal, termasuk Bobby yang telah menyelamatkan Scottea dari tabrak lari dan yang membawanya ke klinik. Dan tentu saja mama angkat mereka, Anun, yang harus menahan air mata karena dialah yang merawat mereka di AFJ selama beberapa tahun terakhir ini.

Sungguh hari itu adalah momen yang sedih dan bahagia sekaligus untuk semua orang. Jaani dan Scottea dibantu masuk ke dalam mobil dan mereka akhirnya pergi ke kehidupan bahagia yang baru dengan mama Sari dan papa Nino. Sampai jumpa lagi. Kami akan datang dan mengunjungi kalian bulan depan ya, kami akan merindukanmu!!

Post Script :
Sayangnya, pada tanggal 23 November, kami mendapat kabar bahwa Scottea telah menghilang. Sari dan Nino dan relawan AFJ telah mencari di sekitar rumah mereka dan berusaha sekuat tenaga menemukan Scottea. Satu minggu Scottea menghilang, tiba-tiba Sari mendapat kabar dari tetangga yang melihat Scottea di depan pagar rumah Sari & Nino. Malam itu, Sari & Nino begadang dan akhirnya Scottea pulang!!!… Yaaaayyy!! Doa kita sudah dijawab dan Scottea kembali dalam keadaan selamat dan sehat.

(Lihat cerita petualangan Scottea di Photo Albums AFJ)

Dan jangan lupa kalau ingin menginap di homestay yang ramah lingkungan dan satwa, datang ke Bhumi Homestay.. Sampai jumpa…


When they were still puppies, Jaani was rescued in early 2011 with her 2 siblings, Copi & Marijan, from a threatening situation in the neighbourhood. They grew up into three healthy, strong, smart and cute dogs. Scottea was a hit and run victim in the northern part of Jogja, he was rushed to a clinic and hospitalised for several days. He’s completely healed now and turned into a hunk with a wide bright smile.
However, nobody really wanted to adopt them because they’re just ‘kampung’ & ‘mix’ dogs who are still considered not as ‘prestigious’ as purebred dogs for many people, until….

One day back in October 2013, Sari and Nino, two friends were renovating a property in Kota Gede to build an environmentally friendly homestay called Bhumi Hostel ( and they wanted to find two dogs to complete the family and stay with them in Kotagede. They decided to adopt two dogs from AFJ rather than buy from a breeder as they wanted to contribute to the community.
After they applied and were accepted as adopters, they were hoping to bring the dogs home by December that year, but due to a few challenges with both the renovations and the community, it turned out to be quite a lot later.

But Sari and Nino didn’t give up on Jaani and Scottea, while they waited for the right time to bring them home, they came regularly to walk and play with Jaani and Scottea and to get to know them. As it was going to take a while, Sari and Nino decided to sponsor the dogs to pay for their care and food and medical costs while they were waiting. This helped AFJ immensely as the funds for their care could be reallocated to other dogs waiting for care.

In October, exactly a year after they first applied to adopt Jaani and Scottea, the homestay was almost ready and the dogs were taken for their first visit to see how they would like their new home.

Sari and Nino had already rescued a small kitten that found itself on their roof and Jaani and Scottea the two lucky dogs got to meet her and also tested out their new yard and fence. Luckily, they didn’t bark at any passersby, as the fence is just an extra barrier so the dogs are separated from the front fence, a great idea for those people who are worried about dogs bothering the neighbours (and vice versa!). The dogs loved their day away at their new home but had to return until the final preparations were made for them to stay permanently.

Last Saturday, the 18th of November, the big day to leave AFJ finally arrived. Sari and Jaani, Nino and Scottea went for a long walk to tire the dogs out for the long drive to Kotagede. By the time they came back there were some special volunteers that came to say goodbye, including Bobby who had rescued Scottea from the hit and run accident that brought him to AFJ in the first place. And of course their foster mama, Anun had to hold back some tears as she’d been looking after them at AFJ for the last few years.

It was both a sad and happy time for everyone. Jaani and Scottea were helped into the car and off they drove to a new happy life with Sari and Nino.

See you in a month when we come and visit Jaani and Scottea, we’ll miss you!!

Post script:
Sadly, on 23 November, we got word that Scottea had disappeared. Sari and Nino and the AFJ volunteers have been searching the neighbourhood trying to find him since then. Then just when we had all given up hope, a week later Scottea was seen by a neighbour early in the morning in front of the gate to Bhumi Hostel.
Yaay !! Scottea had returned by himself, safely and with out any injuries. Our prayers had been answered. (See the story of Scottea’s adventure in AFJ Albums)

Now the fences have been secured and a CCTV set up to prevent any misshaps..
Don’t forget you can stay at Bhumi Homestay the animal friendly homestay in Kotagede and meet Scottea, Jaani and the hosts of the homestay Nino and Sari.

See you there…

10407313_773931669344646_6252665290711743427_n 10393992_773900202681126_5377841716095732650_n

—– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —–


[Mohon Bantuan] untuk Share poster ini dengan menekan tombol Share.

Teman – teman, Scott Tea baru saja menempati rumah barunya di daerah Kotagede sekitar satu minggu yang lalu. Pagi ini, Scott Tea tidak dapat ditemukan di tempat – tempat favorit di rumah barunya dan setelah dicari ternyata benar – benar tidak ditemukan di dalam rumah. Jam 11 tadi malam (23 November 2014) Scott Tea masih ada di dalam rumah dan jam 7 pagi sudah tidak ada di dalam rumah.

Ada kemungkinan Scott Tea secara tidak sengaja menyelinap keluar rumah dan belum hapal jalan pulang. Ada juga kemungkinan – kemungkinan lain yang kami sangat tidak harapkan terjadi (knock, knock).

Scott Tea berukuran medium, 15 – 20 kg, berwarna putih sendu, telinga turun ke bawah dan pemalu. Ada sedikit motif tutul di bagian bawah lehernya, namun tidak begitu terlihat.

Kami mohon bantuan teman – teman yang berada di kawasan Lapangan Karang Kotagede dan sekitarnya untuk ikut bantu mengawasi dan segera melaporkan ke nomor tersebut jika melihat Scott Tea dan mohon bantu diikuti terlebih dahulu sampai yang bersangkutan datang ke lokasi.

Besar harapan teman – teman dapat meneruskan berita ini ke relasi atau saudara – saudara yang berdomisili dekat dengan daerah tersebut dan juga teman – teman lainnya agar semakin banyak yang membantu mencari.

Scott Tea butuh waktu 1 tahun lebih untuk mendapatkan keluarga yang bersedia menyayangi mereka setelah peristiwa tabrak lari tahun lalu, kami sangat berharap Scott Tea dapat ditemukan dengan selamat.

*Tersedia imbalan yang sepadan bagi yang menemukan.

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Welcome Home, Scott Tea !!! A New Hope with a New Family !!

29 November 2014, jam 2.20 pagi, kami membaca SMS dari adopter Scott Tea (Sari dan Nino) bahwa Scott telah kembali ke rumah mereka. Scott kembali pada pukul 2 dini hari dan menangis di depan rumah. Selesai membaca SMS tersebut, saya langsung tertidur lemas. Kombinasi antara perasaan bahagia bercampur dengan lega !!!

Malam itu memang Sari dan Nino berencana untuk begadang karena pada pagi hari sebelumnya ada yang melihat Scott Tea berada di depan rumah tersebut juga pada pukul 4 pagi. Sekitar jam 2 dini hari tadi, Jaani terlihat gelisah dan ingin dibukakan pintu ruang depan. Melihat Jaani yang gelisah, orang tua baru mereka mengikuti Jaani ke ruangan depan dan membukakan pintu. Tak disangka !!! Scott sudah berada di depan pagar dan menangis minta dibukakan pintu. Segera mereka membukakan pintu tersebut dan kebahagiaan yang tidak dapat diungkapkan terasa di semua pihak yang mendapatkan kabar tersebut.

Jaani pun melompat kegirangan seakan ingin memeluk Scott Tea ketika Scott masuk kembali ke halaman rumah barunya.

Lega, relieved!! Terima kasih kepada semua pihak yang telah membantu mencari Scott Tea. Semuanya, tanpa perlu disebut satu per satu, kalian telah menumbuhkan kembali semangat yang terkadang hilang.

Baik – baik ya Scott Tea di rumah barumu, dan jangan sampai keluar – keluar lagi ^^ Ingat dulu kita pertama bertemu juga kamu ada di jalan dan tidak ada yang mengaku pernah melihatmu sebelumnya.

Peluk hangat dari teman – temanmu di AFJ.

TERIMA KASIH atas bantuan luar biasa yang teman – teman sosmed berikan dan bantu dengan menekan tombol share. Berita mengenai Scott Tea dan Jaani yang teradopsi sebelumnya malah belum sempat kami posting, tapi kami akan segera mempostingnya ! Yakk.. Nantikan setelah pesan – pesan berikut ya 

Love you all.

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Visiting Ruchie – Rescued, Rehomed and Happy!!

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Ruchie dan 2 saudaranya, Rufo dan Rubine, terlahir dan tumbuh di dalam kandang kecil di mana mereka terpenjara 24 jam sehari (baca kisah penyelamatan mereka di sini:

Ruchie diadopsi tanggal 17 September 2014 dan senang sekali rasanya mengetahui bahwa Ruchie dirawat dengan baik sekali dan menjadi sumber kebahagiaan bagi keluarga Bpk. Yahya Kurniawan.

Di rumah barunya, Ruchie punya halaman besoaaar untuk bermain dan berlari-lari, berbeda sekali dengan ‘rumah masa lalu’nya yang hanya kandang sempit, berjejalan dengan 2 saudaranya. Ruchie juga bebas jalan-jalan di dalam rumah. Nggak hanya itu, stok belaian dan pelukan sayang dari keluarga barunya seakan tiada habis-habisnya euy!

Adopsi berarti Anda memberikan kesempatan kedua bagi satwa domestik yang telah diselamatkan dari kondisi buruk untuk merasakan cinta sejati di rumah dan keluarga permanen, dan cinta itu sudah selayaknya mereka terima.
Adopsi berarti Anda tidak turut mendukung nasib buruk satwa yang hanya diperlakukan sebagai komoditas di bisnis jual beli satwa.
Adopsi berarti Anda membantu menurunkan angka overpopulasi dan jumlah satwa yang terancam mengalami penelantaran, yang disebabkan oleh pengembangbiakan dan perdagangan yang semena-mena.
Adopsi berarti Anda mengedukasi diri sendiri dan keluarga untuk belajar menghargai, mencintai dan menunjukkan welas asih pada satwa yang membutuhkan pertolongan dan menjadi contoh yang baik bagi masyarakat agar dapat menjadi bagian dari solusi nyata untuk mengatasi overpopulasi dan kasus-kasus kekerasan terhadap satwa.
Adopsi berarti Anda berperan besar dalam menciptakan dunia yang lebih welas asih bagi satwa.
Ketika masih banyak sekali satwa-satwa yang telah diselamatkan dari keadaan yang buruk dan mendambakan rumah dan keluarga yang penyayang, mengapa tidak mempertimbangakn untuk mengadopsi saja dari kelompok-kelompok penyelamat satwa daripada membeli?

Oiya, saudara Ruchie, Rufo dan Rubine, mash mencari keluarga dan rumah yang penuh cinta lho. Gimana cara mengadopsi mereka? Cari tau di sini yak:
Terimakasih maturnuwun 


Ruchie and her two siblings, Rufo & Rubine were born and kept inside a tiny cage 24/7 (read their rescue story here:

Ruchie was adopted on 17 September 2014 and it’s a tremendous joy for us to know that Ruchie is looked after well and becoming a source of happiness for Mr. Yahya Kurniawan’s family.

At her new home, Ruchie has a big yard to play and run around, she’s free to roam inside the ouse as well. Not only that, endless cuddling time’s always provided for Ruchie 

Adoption means you are giving a second chance for rescued companion animals to feel the love of a forever home and family they deserve.
Adoption means you are not supporting the plight of the animals to be treated merely as commodity in the animal trade.
Adoption means you are helping to decrease overpopulation number and the numbers of companion animals facing a threat of abandonment, caused by uncontrolled breedings and selling of animals.
Adoption means you are teaching yourself and your family to learn how to respect, love and show compassion to the animals in need of help and setting a good example for the community to become part of the solution in overcoming overpopulation and animal abuse cases.
Adoption means you are contributing a great role in creating a more compassionate world for animals.
When there are still so many rescued animals who need a good home and family, why not considering adoption instead of buying?

Rufo and Rubine are still waiting for their own forever home and family  How to adopt them? Find out here:


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