Cane Cane the Hit and Run Cat Gets a New Lease on Life

Cane Cane was found in Jomegatan, Yogyakarta and brought to the home of Anett and her daughter Fritzy by a concerned person. She knew they loved cats and left Cane Cane with them as she didn’t know how to treat a cat with such terrible wounds.  She didn’t know what happened but we think Cane Cane was a hit and run victim as she had multiple wounds on her back legs and she was just dragging her legs behind her and walking along the side of the road using her front legs.  Cane Cane is very tame and she kept approaching people in the neighbourhood but everyone was shooing her away until this kind person decided to bring Cane Cane to Anett and Fritzy’s home.


Anett called AFJ to ask for advice as she would leave to go back to her homeland in Germany soon so there was no way for her to keep her.  Anett wanted to help so she paid for vet Dr Janey to come and take her and treat her superficial wounds and x-rays to check for broken bones.  Thankfully there weren’t any, so after a few days at the clinic, she was able to join the AFJ cats at the cat sanctuary.


AFJ called in Ari the animal therapist and she gave her some physiotherapy and it looks like Cane Cane may be able to get some use back in her legs.  Sadly, she had some bad sores from scraping her rear on the ground when trying to walk and being wet from sitting in her own urine for long periods, so Yani and Nana decided to see if she could use the homemade wheel chair they had made for one of the other lame cats.  It took a little bit of getting used to and she had to get some strength back into her front legs but after a few steps…


Success!! She took to the wheelchair with such joy in her eyes.


Now Cane Cane is a happy girl, getting about without her back legs and rear scraping on the ground.  Hopefully soon her wounds will heal and she will become stronger and stronger with the help of more physio and love.


If you feel you have a place in your heart or home for Cane Cane, please contact AFJ.  

We welcome sponsorship, where you can give a monthly donation for physio, care and food, or anyone one interested in providing a foster or forever family for her.

Cane Cane is not going to give up, and she’s waiting just for you…






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