Aruna the Animal Hero

Here’s an inspirational letter to a school teacher from Aruna Tung, a student of the Yogyakarta International School (YIS), who has been supporting AFJ every Christmas by donating some of the money she works hard to earn selling cheese sticks at school.
Aruna, you are our AFJ hero…
Hi Ibu Chintia! I would like to tell you one of the things i did in this Christmas holiday.
On the 5th of January 2014, we visited Animal Friends Jogja (AFJ) with some of mommy’s family.
 Animal Friends Jogja is a group of animal lovers who save animals from cruelty and educate people so they know more about animals and their needs. When we visited, they were taking care of dogs, cats,monkeys and dolphins. A lot of the dogs had either been in an accident that damaged their limbs or had skin diseases.
One dog escaped its owner’s house and got hit by a car and damaged its legs. When the owner saw that the dog was limping, she didn’t want it anymore. She told AFJ to take the dog or she would throw it away.  AFJ picked up the dog but the owner did not want AFJ to go to her house and they think she is a breeder. They took him and took care of him. It is very sad that people don’t accept animals that are not perfect.
Some other dogs had skin diseases and they have a different diet than the other dogs because they cannot have too much protein. The skin disease and the limp legs can be healed but like other medicines and treatments they need money.
We cared for the animals and decided to donate money. I sell cheese sticks at school and the money i got, i donated to AFJ. My cousin, Christopher and i all donated one hundred thousand rupiah, mommy and daddy paid three times our total amount.
Aruna and Jiway Tung at AFJ dog sanctuary

AFJ had two monkeys that they have rescued from street performers (topeng monyet) where the monkey is forced to perform and do tricks. Monkeys cannot stand upright but in the road they do. How the street performers achieve this? They hang the monkey and tie it hands together for two weeks without food until their backbone is straight. The monkeys in AFJ are taught how to solve problems like getting food out of a bottle or finding it so in the wild they can be prepared.

We asked how we can help and she said we can help by educating other people so they are more aware. If you would like to help the monkeys, don’t give  money because the owner we are never sure if the owner is going to use it for himself. You can give him a banana.

AFJ also helps dolphins in the dolphin circus. In many other countries they have banned dolphin circuses but in Indonesia there are some that are still going. Dolphins are wild animals like monkeys and cannot be tamed.

If we want to help dogs who are getting abused or tied up all the time and we want to report to AFJ we must have evidence like a video or pictures. We must take part in saving the dog and also taking care of it. Before taking the dog away from the owner, they try to educate the owner so they can take better care of their dog because some owners just don’t know how to take care of their dog. If the owner is actually being abusive, they take the dog away. Many dogs are involved in dog fights. Puppies are taught to fight and put in a dark room only getting visits from its owner to hit the dog until it is only scared of its owner and attacks anything else. People put money on the dogs that they think will win and the fight ends when one dog kills another. It is very sad that people do those type of things for fun. When the dog is saved, it is traumatized and needs lots of love. Other people make dogs into food! They like to kill the dog without seeing any blood so they put the dog in a bag and hit it over and over until it dies. The AFJ worker says that you can hear their cries and tears actually come out of their eyes.

Albus Dumbledore a rescue dog at AFJ
This concludes that we should not be cruel to animals because they have feelings and are living beings that deserve not to be treated badly. Wild animals cannot live in captivity and should be in the wild. We need to help in order for AFJ to keep on going. Maybe we can have our class visit them or we can ask AFJ to visit us and give a small presentation.  It will be so fun to see the animals! I think once AFJ visited YIS but they lost contact. We can learn things like how to work together, caring for animals and the environment and having fun!
Some rescued cats relaxing at AFJ
Thanks so much Aruna, we hope you like your new bandanna, please come again…
from all the AFJ dogs, cats and monkeys and the AFJ Guerilla Squad volunteers.



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