Adoption Day #1 at Car Free Day

Just wanna share the happy moment of our first Adoption Day held at Car Free Day Jogja on last 15 February 2015.

The dazzling darlings who ruled the day were Jumpy John, Cuddly Elok, one-eyed Jack Sparrow, Run-around Red Dog and Ijan, and the swingy-legged-pretty-smiley Veva!!


There was a nice surprise for us, the Guerrilla Squad and our dazzling darlings when some of the adopted dogs with their new families joined us that day! What a great reunion with Copi and Papa Giovanni, Jaani-Scottea and Papa Nino, Rubine and Mama Marcella-Papa Patrick-li’l brother Nael!! The legendary dancer, Mas Didik Nini Thowok completed the happy adoption day with his presence, Jack Sparrow instantly signed up to be his number one fan since that very day!



Car-Free Day idea is to reduce air pollution from vehicles by closing the main avenue of the city from cars and inviting local pedestrian to exercise and having their activities on the streets that normally full of cars and traffic. It’s also a good way for families spending healthy quality time together. It was great, however we feel a bit concerned seeing so many trashes were left on the street. Oh c’mon people, we can do better than that! What’s the point of enjoying fresh air, loving animals, but causing other pollution on the street by littering? Remember, we live in this ONLY ONE EARTH, Human-animals-environment are interconnected with one another, let’s pledge to respect and care for one another, shall we?


Ready to adopt a new family member and give them a second chance to love and be loved? Check this out:
See you again in our next Adoption Day!

Thanks to all Guerrilla Squad who organized and made this happened succesfully: Poltak, Vivien, Nomen, Nuna, Ayu, Miany, Fandi, Bobb, Elly, Dilla, Stanley, Bagas, Prass, Lolita, Wout, Agas, Bernas and also YOU!!

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